Hello Everyone!

     I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. The rain finally quit so we have cool temperatures, but no rain and sunshine. I am happy. 

    I received a lot of questions about what size of wreath will fit on customer's doors. I have included a simple info chart to help you all decide what size to order. If you have any questions about this chart, please feel free to contact me and I will help you with your order. 

    The Butterfly Wreaths are going strong, thanks to all of you. I appreciate it so much.

I can not express how much my heart grows with my customers. 


    I am in the studio creating 3 new designs today. I will have them listed in the Etsy shop by tomorrow. 

   Come in the shop, feel free to look around, as I have plenty selection for everyone. If you see just one item available and need more, no problem. Contact me and I can adjust the quantity available with one click!

   Have a fabulous weekend and I will see you all soon!