Good Morning Everyone!

     Well, Spring has finally arrived here at Lake Michigan. It hit on Easter Sunday. Since that was a day spent with family, no work was in progress.

     So, yesterday, Monday, I went to the pole barn, drove the truck out, and began driving our 3 plus acres to clean up all tree limbs in preparation for our first mowing of the year. 

     Well, 5 hours later, this is what I had accomplished:

     All limbs cleaned up and trucked to the fire pit.

     5 large trash bags of Pine Cones gathered up by the bucket full, and returned to the pole barn for safe keeping for future use. And that my friends is just the tip of the iceburg of Pine Cones!

     Pulled thigh muscles to the point that I finished the last bucket by bending over and  leaning on the bucket so I did not have to stand up more than I needed to.

     Final walk to the truck with my top thigh muscles aching so bad, that I just knew my legs were going to break off right below my butt cheeks, and then how in the world was I going to not only get into my truck, but how in God's name was I going to drive back to the pole barn with no legs that I would have to toss into the passenger seat??

     Now that I have put that mental image in your mind, and you are probably hysterical by now, I will tell you I did make it back to the pole barn and also walked all the way to the house!! Just knowing that I was almost in the hot shower, with a recliner and Tylenol ready for my hand, got me there. 


      My Dear Man is on the Zero mower today, and I am working on the business with two new projects today. Chilly here only in the low 50's, so I picked the perfect day to work outside yesterday. I still have all of my flower beds to attack, BUT they are going to wait for my muscles to recover.

     Smile today, think positive, and you can accomplish anything my Friends.