Good Morning Everyone!

     I was raised with the teachings that Angels are always around us. If you go thru your day with your eyes wide open and listen very closely, there will be something in your day that will stop you for a minute and realize that an Angel was beside you. It could have been the smallest of things, or something big. 

    That belief was in my heart as I took my time for two days and created this beautiful Angel Wreath. She is every bit bright, cheery, and Gorgeous. Various shades of Yellow and Greenery allows her to shine and bring an immediate smile to the face of everyone that sees her. 

    Here in Northern Indiana, Spring is trying her best to arrive, but the Sunshine is spotty and the cold temperatures are still hanging on. I have better and brighter pictures in the shop. I took this one in excitement upon completion late in the day in the studio. 

    She is in the store for purchase. She can be customed made in your preferred colors also. Just click on the Custom Order tab and type away. 

    Angel Wings are also in the store in two sizes. These beauties would look amazing as a Grave Side Addition. Angels are not just for Easter my Friends, Angels are for every day of our lives. 

    Keep the belief and anything is possible my Friends!